Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Soap! Soap! Soap!

So, I decided to play with something different than plushies one day, and I ended up making soap! I wont lie, I did cheat and I didn't make legit soap from scratch, but someday I will (when I have more time). Instead, I went to Michaels and got some bulk glycerin melt and pour soap, a whole bunch of scented oils, soap coloring, and molds.

It was so easy and a lot of fun making my own scents and colors! All you have to do is melt the soap, mix your scents in, and make your colors, and pour it in the molds. Wait for them to dry, pop them out and WALLAH! you have lovely soaps. I would love to figure out a way I can make my own molds though..

If you mix little batches at a time you can make layers of colors, or marbled mixes of colors, or even layer your scents (although that can end up horrible real quick!). I made some with shea butter soap and some with goats milk (both were glycerin based). Both were wonderful, but I think I like the shea butter a little better.

TIP: Use an eye dropper and drip some rubbing alcohol on top of any bubbles in the soap right after you pour it into the mold, while its still hot. The rubbing alcohol eliminates bubble but the heat of the soap evaporates the alcohol.

Also, I got some frosting mix stuff that you blend into the soap with a hand mixer and it makes "soap frosting" with which I created some adorable cupcake soaps. The soap "frosting" stays soft, just like real frosting, so it makes it a little difficult to transport and a little weird to use at first, but they look amazing! and delicious!

Photo courtesy of Chavilah Bennett

This would be a really fun thing to do with your friends or with your kids for a party, or even if you just want something to keep your kids occupied and away from video games for an afternoon ;). You dont even need to use an oven, you can melt the soap in the microwave, making it extra kid friendly. Although, obviously, they should be supervised as the soap does get pretty hot.

TIP: If your melting the soap in the microwave, melt it for 30 sec and then continue in 10 sec intervals until its fully melted and liquid. You want to make sure not to burn it!

I decided to sell mine in my booth at the Moonlight Market on Gay Street. A fun addition to my plushies :)

Happy crafting!