Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Website

A couple months ago, I made a website that I was very proud of. At the beginning of May, My web hosting got screwed up and all my domains got locked and (long story short) I can't ge them back (very frustrating). So yesterday, I got some new hosting (YAY!) and a new domain and my website is back up! Hooray!

My new web domain is

Friday, May 24, 2013

Curly Yarn Hair Success!

Continuing from my last post, I FINALLY went through and took all the yarn off the dowel rods from my experiment of making curly yarn doll hair. They've been sitting for about 2 weeks probably, and whaddayaknow, they're suddenly coming off perfect! Except for the larger dowels, they didnt turn out so well. I think last time, they just didn't dry all the way, so if yours does the same thing, leave them sit on the dowels for a few weeks and then take them off. Last night I redid it with better yarn (one kind was 98% acrylic the other was 50% acrylic and 50% wool) and they both did much better. I only made 5 dowels this time which I think made a huge difference in the drying. I baked the for less than an hour and they came off perfect. So, in conclusion is that you shouldn't use cheap acrylic yarn, get some more fuzzy stuff or wool or mohair, and don't do a hundred dowels at once, just do a few at a time. Yay! So excited to make some dolls now! :)

smaller dowel

Large Dowel

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Curly Yarn Doll Hair Fail

Recently I've started getting into making felt dolls. I love them, but I wanted to try something different and use yarn hair instead of felt hair.

Of course, I couldn't be easy and want straight hair though, NOOOO i wanted curly hair. So I went searching online and found this tutorial on making curly yarn doll hair. I love how hers turned out. Its so cute and bouncy. So i put it to the test.
Since I was just testing this, I went to walmart to pick up some cheap yarn and I found a bunch of fun colors. I also picked up some 12 in dowel rods. They came in packs, so I got one pack for each size since I didnt know how this was going to turn out.

I wrapped the yarn around the dowel rods, ending it in a slipknot so it wouldn't come off.

I used up all the dowels I had and wrapped a whole bunch of colors, cause I was dead certain that this was going to work perfectly. My sink was in use, since I hadn't done the dishes yet. So, instead I put them in a large baking dish and filled it with water to let them soak over night. I had to put a plate overtop so they would't float to the surface.

After they had their soak, I took them out, layed them out on a baking sheet and baked them at 200 degrees. In the tutorial I was following, she had baked them for less than an hr. I had to bake my for over 2 hours to get them to dry, checking on them every 15 min or so. Even then, I let them sit over night to dry completely.

 I was so excited to finally pull the yarn off the dowel rods (and I admit this part was rather fun), but to my dismay, they did not turn out correctly at all :(. They barely have any curl, its not bouncy, and its all weird and floppy. Where did I go wrong? I have no idea. In the tutorial, she said she was using acrylic yarn, but I have a feeling it wasnt 100% acrylic and I need to find some mohair yarn. So sad, I really liked my colors. But thats how you learn, So I will just try it again and I will be back with hopefully better results :).