Friday, May 24, 2013

Curly Yarn Hair Success!

Continuing from my last post, I FINALLY went through and took all the yarn off the dowel rods from my experiment of making curly yarn doll hair. They've been sitting for about 2 weeks probably, and whaddayaknow, they're suddenly coming off perfect! Except for the larger dowels, they didnt turn out so well. I think last time, they just didn't dry all the way, so if yours does the same thing, leave them sit on the dowels for a few weeks and then take them off. Last night I redid it with better yarn (one kind was 98% acrylic the other was 50% acrylic and 50% wool) and they both did much better. I only made 5 dowels this time which I think made a huge difference in the drying. I baked the for less than an hour and they came off perfect. So, in conclusion is that you shouldn't use cheap acrylic yarn, get some more fuzzy stuff or wool or mohair, and don't do a hundred dowels at once, just do a few at a time. Yay! So excited to make some dolls now! :)

smaller dowel

Large Dowel

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